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Chicken Roasting

Pig Roasting Instructions

Place spit ends approximately 6 feet apart with motor end upwind. Take poled meat and place on spit. Adjust the length of spit, take poled meat off. Place the fire pans between spit ends, one inside the other; adjust the length keeping at 1/2 feet to 1 feet away from motor end. Place bricks under the fire pans at each corner and two in the
Cooking - Place coal in one line down the fire pans about 2 feet wide, spray with lighter fluid and light. When coals are going, spread out in a circle in fire pans. Plug in a spit, unwrap the pig and place on spit. Adjust coal around pig keeping 1 feet of space between pig and coal. Add more coal around pig, keeping a little more around the head and feet. Add coal only when it becomes all white and halfway gone. Wire pole from the spindle (on machine) to the screw on the pole to prevent the pole from riding off the machine.
Preparation - Poke holes in pig with a knife around shoulders and leg joints to help prevent them from splitting prematurely. Roast pig 1 hour per 10 pounds on cool days; add at least 1/2 hour to 1 hour longer. Pig temperature should reach 180 degrees or higher in shoulders and rump.
Final Steps - Take pig off, cut off all strapping on the pig. Carefully slide pole out - POLE WILL BE HOT, USE CAUTION - place pole out of way to cool.

Chicken Roasting Instructions

Chickens are the same setup as pigs only the coal is placed differently. You can place coal in the middle of fire pans, in one line if you are cooking more than one pole of chickens or on each side of the chickens like pigs. If you are just doing a single pole of chickens you can place coal on one side of fire pans.
Cooking - It only takes 2 hours to cook or on cool days a little longer. If cooking a pig and chickens keep chickens iced until 2 hours before pig is done, then place chickens on spit and adjust coal. The temperature should reach 190 degrees in the chicken's breast and thighs.
Final Steps - Take chickens off and remove all the string. Cut down the backbones of the chickens to remove pole, shake pole gently to remove it - POLE WILL BE HOT, USE CAUTION.
Must be 18 or older to operate equipment.
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